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yuz's CHARABEN album

Here you can see the past charaben works, and cute cafe information in Japan!

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yuz's CHARABEN album



Minions bento

Minions from "Despicable Me."


・body : rolled omelette
・eyes, mouth, hair, glasses, clothes : cheese, seaweed
・background : chicken soboro, kidney beans

Finding NEMO bento

Pixar series no.3!
Nemo and his friends ver.


・body : chicken rice ( rice, ketchup, chicken, green pepper, onion )
・eyes : cheese, seaweed
・eyeblows, mouth : seaweed
・fins : carrot
・stripe on the body : cheese


・body : rice
・eyes : cheese, seaweed
・mark on the nose : egg
・mouth, fin : seaweed
・stripe on the body : seaweed, cheese, egg


・body : pork cutlet, cheese
・eyes : cheese, seaweed
・fin : carrot


・body : egg
・eyes : cheese, seaweed
・mouth : seaweed


・shell : pork cutlet
・face : cucumber
・eyes : cheese, seaweed
・mouth : seaweed


・body : carrot
・eyes, mouth : seaweed


Funashi bento * ふなっしー弁当

Funnashiiii bentooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


・body : omurice
・eyes : cheese, seaweed
・cheecks : ketchup
・clothes : lettuce, carrot
・leaves on the head : lettuce